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RN / LPN / CNA / STNA Training Schools

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If you offer training for careers in the healthcare industry (RN, LPN, CNA, STNA, HHA, PCT, MA, CPR, First Aid, Phlebotomy, BLS) then there’s something you NEED TO KNOW!

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Right NOW there are 79.6 MILLION (That’s 79,600,000) “Baby Boomers” entering their senior years… more than 1/4 of the entire USA population!!

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Ben Hanania

Internet marketing expert, author, public speaker, business consultant

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P.P. S. In fairness to our clients, we can only take on ONE client, per search term, per city. Otherwise, we would be putting ourselves in the untenable position of having to help our clients compete against each other for rankings in the Internet search results – not good, not fair, and in our opinion, not ethcial! :'(

So we recommend you don’t delay, but take action right now. Once we sign on a client targeting a specific offering in a specific city, we will not take on another client in that city if they are targeting the same search results.